The finest and most delicious rice for those who want genuine goodness of taste

Har Dana Jaisay Motidana


Motidana Basmati Rice is the flagship brand of Al-Asad Rice Mills with a vision of making it a premier rice brand globally. Our organization’s essential aspect is to provide quality excellence and customer satisfaction as being delivered by our brand Motidana Basmati Rice.

Flavorful taste and magical aroma makes Motidana the most delicious and versatile rice.



As we endeavor to develop the state of art technology, we use full mechanized and automated machineries for the production of the rice. High tech machineries imported from Buhler UK and Satake Japan are being used for electronic sorting and to maintain the standards.


To deliver the customer’s’ desired needs, we use ultra-modern packaging machineries to make sure our customers get the volumetric weight in every package. Our rice is packed in different sizes and packaging as preferred by the end users.

Motidana Basmati Rice Products


Being one of the largest rice exporter of Pakistan, Al-Asad Rice Mills has launched its own flagship brand Motidana Basmati Rice. It has natural fragrance and delicate flavor.

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Motidana 1121 Steam Basmati Rice New

Rs: 1095/- (5Kg)

Motidana XXL 1121 White Basmati Rice

Rs: 995/- (5Kg)

Motidana 1121 Sella Basmati Rice

Rs: 1045/- (5Kg)

Motidana Traditional Super Kernel Basmati Rice

Rs: 945/- (5Kg)

Motidana Khushboo Basmati Rice New

Rs: 870/- (5Kg)

Motidana Classic Basmati Rice

Rs: 675/- (5Kg)

Motidana Daily Basmati Rice New

Rs: 620/- (5Kg)

Motidana Economy Blended Basmati Rice

Rs: 575/- (5Kg)



You deserve the best rice, our Basmati rice has the natural flavors and delicate taste, combines beautifully with variety of dishes – Plain rice,  Briyani, Arabic Rice, Pulao.


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Branch – 01: Shop # 01, Al Basheer Centre, Opposite City Court, Dandia Bazar, Karachi.
Phone: +92-345-820-9771, +92-213-271-3429
Branch – 02: Shop # 01, Near Masjid-e-Aisha, Yousuf Plaza, Water Pump, Karachi.
Phone: +92-345-820-3418

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